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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Daily report 24

This will be my last blog at Melaka. I won't be able to update my blog for some time. Today, was my last final exam paper and luckily I managed(I think) to answer it. Time starts ticking and there was a feeling of emptyness in my heart( I just woke up from my noon nap,haha). I can't deny that I begin to miss Melaka and my friends that I've met here. 3 years is neither a short or long period to get to know someone. So, if you my friends are reading this I would like to apologize if I've ever done anything wrong or hurt you in a way that I(idiot) don't know. I'm not perfect and sometimes I expressed myself in a wrong way.

Maybe, before I leave Melaka in the next morning I'll visit MMU for the last time. I've good and bad memories there(who doesn't?). Take a brisk walk around MMU. Haha, I still remember the first day I was at the orientation for freshies. Now, here I am packing to leave Melaka.

OK, I have to speed up my packing. I still need to wash my car in the next morning! Busy, busy, busy. I hereby wish all my friends all the best in their life. Goodbye, Melaka.

Mood: The feeling of missing someone or something and faces flashing in my mind, that's how I feel now.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Daily report 23

My last exam paper,
Offshore Banking & Finance
9am 18/10/08 Saturday
This may be just my toughest final exam paper this semester.

I'm still planning whether to stay awake or take a short sleep tonight. Well, it depends on my progress of study.

My days at Melaka is coming to an end soon enough. I need to pack my stuff and be prepared(mentally & physically) for my internship as well. If, my superior ask me what I've learned at university, frankly I'll be taking my time to answer that question. I have to be healthy during my internship as well because no employers will like his/her employees in poor health conditions and keep taking medical leaves. After all, all of these might affect my marks/grade for my internship. NO KIDDING. A new world is waiting for me, and I fear the worst might come to me. I'm anticipating it, I just have that feeling.

Mood: I still need to study! ><

P/S: To my other friends that have the last paper on Saturday, hang on and all the best. Let's do our best, ok? Go! Go! Go!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daily report 22

Shop for my formal clothes and other stuffs today. I spent around Rm400 today. @@
Before that, I watched Max Payne the movie. Well, it was ok and I was expecting more action from the movie.

Time flies and I haven't start my revision on my next paper offshore. Gotta start working tonight. Oh ya, looking back at my room I found out that I still haven't start packing! Well, I'll start off little by little tomorrow.

~The End~

Mood: I want a more challenging life, so I don't have so much time to think of unnecessary and unproductive things in my head. Argh.....

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daily report 21

Nothing much to say, nothing much to write. Haiz....

Ok la, entertainment news,
Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie planned to divorce. More news from here

Nation news,
Government has cut down the petrol price to Rm2.30 per litre

Football news,
Manchester City is going to bid for David Villa for 100 million euros

How to seal a bag of chips

Chick of the day: Jessica Biel

“There’s no pill, there’s no diet, there’s no magic drink.” Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel's workout

OMG, she's hot.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daily report 20

Ok, today seems like the last day of exam paper for most of my friends. So, sayonara Melaka everyone? Each of us is going our own path be it looking for a job or internship. I've been thinking, what we all will become in the next 5 years. Rich? In debt? Married?(haha) Fulfilled your dreams? I, too have to start planning already. I don't have a particular objective now, maybe I'll think of one when the time comes.

So, why not we share our experience in MMU Melaka? Tag your blogger friends too :)
You don't have to follow exactly as mine, use your own style, creativity and run wild with your imagination! :D

University: Multimedia University Melaka

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration Banking & Finance

Years spent: 3 years

Age when graduated: 24

The best moment: Meeting you my friends :) , 8tv summer live concert!

The sh*ttest moment: Heartbroken(laugh all you want), when you don't have a pc(you know how I feel right?)

Expectation when entered uni: get a degree, get to know chicks, duno how to spend my time

After grad, I've learned: how to get a degree, how to spend your dad's hard earn $ without any guilt, how to be the most wanted man by ladies in Bukit Beruang(this is a joke,ok?), MMU is a money making university(it's worth it la), how to take it like a man and act like a man

Status before uni: single

Status after uni: hot, bachelor, available, someone-you-dying-for

5 years later: 5C - Cash, Credit card, car, Condominium, Country club membership

10 years later: 5B - Body, Bungalow, Boat, Billionaire, BMW

Conclusion: I miss MMU ladies but I think they won't miss me :(

Ni.., Mi.., An.., Ch.., Sa.., Ta.. ,Eu.. - farewell and goodbye girls

Mood: Still bloated after Sibaraku buffet, burp... excuse me

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Daily report 19

Woke up at 11am
Lunch at "ocean"
Take a nap
Good night

Conclusion, eat and sleep today.
So, in the coming days I have to pack up my things for KL. I need to get new formal clothes which is a priority to me. Wash and check my car which is a must as well for the KL trip. Say goodbye to my friends in Malacca and not forgetting the lecturers too. After almost 3 years at Malacca, it seems time pass on quickly. It's like a dream to me. Working days are coming soon and it's a whole new level for me. Wherever I go there will always be politics be it in schools, university, society and now the working place. I've to learn to handle all this because this is part of life as well.

Oh ya, I'm really mad of idiots who don't even know manners. I was queuing up to order my food and these people out of nowhere just came in front of me and make an order. I was pissed off. What about my feelings? They think I like to wait longer is it? Do I look like I was born to be bullied or my status is not on par with these people? Man and woman are all the same. You know what? This is the Chinese people that we(Chinese) are so proud of!(actually every races are the same) F*ck you! They don't have mothers to teach them manners, the schools and teachers of Malaysia must be useless because they are unable to educate these idiots. So, how do I look now? A nice guy? Ya, I'm a nice guy who's being treated like an invisible man(or worse, they don't give a sh*t abt me) by these brainless people. Next time if you hear me screaming at these idiots, don't be surprised. If no one educate them, than I shall do that. Maybe I'm a gentleman, maybe I'm a nice guy but I don't tolerate this kind of bullsh*t(not anymore).

Paper: Malaysian Economy
Average score: 11.42/20
Highest score: 15.75/20
My score: 12.38/20 (so so only, too bad)

I watched a preview of the next TVB coming series, The Gem Of Life. This series will show a selfish, materialistic and cheater in the character that Ada Choi plays. Does such a person really exist?(I believe). I watched for a few minutes and I already think her is a b*tch, lol. Talk about talent in acting, every actors n actresses in these series are going to blow my mind again. Money, power, fame and woman... how does a man handle all of these in the current society nowadays.

Mood: Kinda sleepy, a bit pissed off but better forget abt these idiots coz they don't worth my time. Adios

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daily report 18

Counting days... the days left that I'm going to be in Malacca. I'm not sure when I'll be coming back to this city again. I have sweet and sour moments here. I've met good friends, whacky friends, idiots, and heart breakers, LOL. I'm going to miss this place since I've been here for almost 3 years and it's like my second hometown(although I doubt that this feeling will last coz I'll be in KL soon, hehe).

OK, now let me introduce the next promising female action superstar of Asia, Miss Yanin "Jeeja" Vismistananda. She's born in Bangkok, Thailand on 31st of March 1984. She's 162cm tall and weighs 43kg. Her debut album is "Chocolate" or known as "Fury" in Malaysia.

Pics from this link
Q&A session with BK magazine
More about the film!

Yes, I've fallen for her after I watched her movie. Unfortunately the biggest obstacle between us is language and not to mention she's a superstar now :( Although this was her first movie but her acting is really good(2 months of acting classes). It's not easy to act as an autistic person. I wish her all the best and I'm really looking forward her future movies! Chan rak khoon Jeeja! (I love you in Thai)

Marks: Slept like a log/100

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